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We wish to first extend our deep thanks to Jack Shear, President of the Ellsworth Kelly Foundation and Director of the Ellsworth Kelly Studio, for placing his trust in us to build a unique digital experience around the life and artworks of Ellsworth Kelly.
We were honored to be given the opportunity to visit Kelly’s studio in Spencertown, New York, where the studio staff were incredibly welcoming and willing to help make our vision a reality. It has truly been a collaboration every step of the way. We are especially indebted to the Ellsworth Kelly Studio staff, especially Luca Pearl Khosrova, Allison Wucher, and Mary Anne Lee, for their commitment to the project and for providing us with countless images and content support.
Thank you also to copywriter, Elaine Khosrova, and Consulting Art Historian, Eileen Costello.
We are deeply indebted to Tricia Y. Paik and for her major 2015 monograph, Ellsworth Kelly. The texts and chronology in this publication form the basis of much of the EK 100 experience.
Special thanks goes to Oliver Tomson of the Ellsworth Kelly Studio for planting the seeds of this collaboration.
Our team at Studio Misfits, including Warren Ellison, Courtney Kamenski, Nico de Pontaud, Charles Caguioa, Abby Haughie, Nic Bectel, Pavel Dergachev, Yulia Orlova, Vyacheslav Sheikin, Yulia Pogrebetskaya, Nikita Zhdanov, Yana Karpenko and many other incredible and talented designers, developers and storytellers pulled out all the stops to make this project a reality and have enjoyed learning about Ellsworth Kelly along the way. Thank you all for the hard work and focus on EK 100.